The idea that business should be more human-centered may no longer be an insightful idea; but it has great implications, and still has yet to become the priority of business managers.   Why?

Businesses make money when real people—not markets—buy what it sells.   But the reasons we sell and buy cannot be limited to economic calculations.   People have feelings; not just needs for a tool.  The more attention we pay to these human feelings and drivers of human behavior, the better businesses we will design.

People are not means to an end; we are the end.   The sooner we internalize this concept into our business design process, the sooner we will build businesses that are able to adapt to customer preferences and deliver successful products to markets.

This blog is about things I see that I find interesting and potentially relevant to business design, as we work to make the world a better place by helping businesses deliver market-pleasing products and innovations.

This site/blog is as much a tool for organizing my thoughts as as it is a means of sharing things I observe, find, and like.

I’m curious about a lot of stuff, so I categorize and tag (always found on right side of web page) my blog posts to organize them.

You can leave comments for this blog on this page, or for individual posts on the post page.  Please do leave comments, I will read and appreciate them.

Some have asked if I write according to a strict schedule.  I don’t; I write when inspiration and time allow.  My goal is not quantity of posts, but rather quality.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

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