Future Trends

This page is where I track ideas that are shaping our future!

Collective Prosperity is the idea that we can conduct ourselves such that we seek and create win-win scenarios.  No longer is about exploiting the consumer or put our competitors out of business. Our new thought process says that–as a business–we create value for consumers so that they buy our products and enable us to earn a living while ensuring that we will be in business and be there for our customers over the long-term.  We view our competitors in terms of providing a valuable service for their customers, which are different from ours.  We are in business to serve a specific function and market.

Everything local is the movement towards our local community.  Even further, there is almost a distrust with anything that is not local.  Community Colleges are growing.  Community churches, hometowns, family members, etc. is where we can find people that will take care of us during tough times.  For many, the appeal of going off to college does not make much economic sense with the expense of the big city and big universities, and our ability to pursue trades or entrepreneurial businesses from any small town with high-speed internet access.

Connected to people People are realizing the benefits of volunteerism and pursuits outside of the material.  We are seeking to feel more connected to people, movements, and organizations we can touch.

World is highly fragmented and we are overload with information.  There are more bands, writers, movie makers, etc. then ever before.  The long tail is in affect.  There is something for everyone.

The pursuit of happiness.  People want to be happy and are trying to figure out how.  We realize we need a certain, time-less amount of money, but beyond that, our happiness will depend on how connected we feel to our work, friends, experiences, the energy of life, and enjoying the moment.  The world is changing faster than it has ever changed in history.  This, in combination with our witnessing terribly unforeseen events like 9-11 and the failure of corporate banking system, we–perhaps wrongly–feel so much of our world can come crumbling down at any moment, leading to a feeling like things are out of our control.  This causes us to we retreat to comfort zones where we feel safe and pursue things that  provide more of a guarantee happiness.

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