two amazing epiphanies learned tonight

two things i learned tonight while watching the president’s farewell address and then Gordon Ramsey’s tv show “kitchen nightmares”:

1) President Bush’s foul ups and the way he spoke with such poor delivery (e.g. turning the page of paper at the podium and not even looking down because he was reading the teleprompter), made me realize how tough a job being President of the United States is.  and, although you’ll never here me say “let’s reelect another George Bush”, I do respect the job he did–given the many very tough decisions he was forced to make.

2)  Watching Chef Ramsey in his show, “Nightmare Kitchens: Episode entitled ‘Giuseppe’s'” (which you should watch because it made tears almost run the length of my face), I formed a new opinion of the chef and learned an important part of life.   I used to think he was purely arrogant, but now I like his directness and think him far more human (watch the episode entitled “Cafe 36” and you will see what I mean), because I think it shows respect for the person he once seemingly attacked.   Regardless, I learned from watching his show, that there is an irreplaceable joy that one enjoys from serving people directly.  Whatever the form, corporatations serve the consumer indirectly; and professions that enable me to serve people on a personal level is just more rewarding.   I feel this, as I slam the keys on my keyboard.

The only question remaining in mind is whether I would feel a loss if serving individual people directly would leave me at a loss when they didn’t help create that human connection.   I guess that is what one has to risk.

I battle constantly with the idea of publishing my posts in favor of immediacy and inarticulate posts.  I value so much peoples’ time that I don’t want to waste it.  I hope you trust that I am trying to do the best by you: my readers.   Share and Love!

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