Large American Corporations Recruiting MBA Students of Entrepreneurship

I just read a BusinessWeek article (see quote from article below) that mentioned Microsoft’s increased level of interest in recruiting MBA students of entrepreneurship, and I think it this is smart.    Ever since my introduction to corporate entrepreneurship at RPI, I started thinking that corporations could really benefit from hiring true entrepreneurial personalities to evaluate company/brand/product/marketing strategy and to look for new opportunities.   The fact that Microsoft is one of the first large corporations to publicly state their interest in us entrepreneurs proves the company believes in being an industry leader.

Overall, I think this initiative to recruit entrepreneurial minded and skilled employees reflects a smart realization that innovation and creative evaluation of new market opportunities are the skills that are needed in the most developed economies of the world.  No longer is information enough; it is what we do with the information that we are so fortunate to have.


Microsoft (MSFT), too,  tailors its recruitment pitch to entrepreneurial MBAs. Half the candidates the company targets for openings say they hadn’t previously considered applying to the software giant, say company recruiters. Microsoft’s corporate development area, which was responsible for the company’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype in May, often competes with startups and venture capital firms for talent.

“Even if they are only here for three-to-five years, that is actually a huge amount of work and return we are getting out of them,” says Stacey Stovall, Microsoft’s university staffing manager.”

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