Be bold

I’m not sure why, but I am scared to be bold; and I think this is bad. I think our society and business educations teach us that an idea can be good only if supporting evidence/data can be found.  I find this troubling.  I want to be the innovator that I was born to be, and that probably many more people were meant to be.  I want to keep that playful-kid part of me alive so that my imagination runs wild.    The epiphany I just had related to keeping this part of me alive, is two fold.  First, I need to guard and protect it from people and organizations that try to kill it–for whatever reason, whether intentionally or not.  Second, I need to proactively surround myself with people who encourage this abductive reasoning and dreaming.

When I start my MBA studies this Fall, I hope some of my professors encourage my innovative spirit and energy!   Because we all know it is the design thinkers, who are in business manager positions, are the leaders responsible for driving the innovations that make their employer firm more valuable.

Paralysis by analysis is one of the saddest things I know of.   For me, when I think about paralysis by analysis, I think of a person with a brilliant new innovative idea who is forced to waste time trying to prove the validity of the idea to the people he needs the support of.   It is a waste of time, because the innovator spends a significant amount of time gathering data that these people require before they can support the idea; instead of taking tangible action that allows quicker and better calculation of the idea’s market value.   If/When I become an angel investor, I will look to invest in forward-looking ideas like these; and I will use my investments in these ideas will be used to support quick market entry.    The world is changing so rapidly that an opportunity can be there one moment and gone the next.   I’d rather not be the guy who had access to the brilliant idea but failed to capture the value from it.

This blog post has an anthem: Chemical Brothers song “Galvanize”.

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