it is how you react that matters

I think bad stuff happens to everyone, and that how one reacts to an unfortunate situation is more important in the long run than the circumstance of situation the person has at least indirectly gotten themselves into.   Here, I am referring to life situations that do not warrant falling into mental depression because they do not involve some kind of life or death scenario affecting directly, you, or someone very close to you.

When we find ourselves in challenging situations, do we stand tall, as if wholly cognizant of life’s big picture, or do we fall into mental depression?    And, isn’t strength of character one of the most important things by which we measure the people we want in our lives?    And, maybe we are smart for measuring this quality in other people because we know on a subconscious level, the people with this quality are good to have around.   Maybe we know that people, who are willing to take risks and learn from their failed attempt(s) to achieve a specific goal, are not only interesting and fun to be around, but that these people will be successful in a variety of arenas. 

Take for example the situation of an entrepreneur who started a company that has recently gone out of business.   The entrepreneur can look at the situation as a learning experience or simply a failure.

The takeaway

The moment when one feels like crumbling under the pressure of an event that–in the big scheme of things–does not call for such a reaction, is exactly when you cannot afford to crumble.  Not only because you risk spiraling out of control into depression, but because other people are watching, and nobody wants be around people who cannot handle the messes life throws at us or–especially–the messes we get ourselves into.

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