How we know Trump doesn’t believe what he says

Tonight I listened to Trump address congress.

It was incredibly disheartening and–if I’m honest–infuriatingly scary. Scary because he not only isn’t saying anything new, but he doesn’t even believe the cliche statements that we all believe to be importantly true. It is easy to tell he doesn’t believe what he says because he is inconsistent and he gets caught up in the web of lies he is spinning. 
Tonight, this became clear when he found himself in an impromptu moment, wherein he had to add lib. His improvisation was contradictory. He’s so bad at lying that his contradictory statement contradicts his immediately previous statement. Not six or statements prior, but the previous statement. For example, his acknowledging of a fallen soldier who should never be forgotten, presumably because every human life is valuable; not just a brave one who fights for a good cause. Then, in the next statement, he paints a picture wherein the fallen soldier is smiling from heaven because congress just “se a record” for the longest applause ever recorded in congress. Surely, he isn’t claiming that the soldier wouldn’t trade a hundred years of applause to have even a fraction of that time back alive on earth. Surely he isn’t suggesting that applause even comes close to bringing back the father’s son. Life is about much more than being recognized. It is there to be protected so that it can be enjoyed. To me it is clear that he doesn’t genuinely appreciate the lives hat have been lost. For him, these lost lives are simply tools to be used as propaganda to support his anti-immigration policy.
Another example is when he cited how we value NATO for having fought fascism and communism. I almost fell out my chair when I heard this. His behavior to date is more dictator like than any president this country has had. Telling the EPA what it can report on and what it cannot! Stepping outside the bounds of our judiciary system. The list goes on and on. 
My only hope is that the people who voted for him, start to see the light; and regret their decision. 

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