How to measure performance of account managers

Below is a synopsis of the tools we used to measure the performance of Sidecar Deliveries’ Account Managers.

  • Quantitative “account-health” metric. This metric quantifies the growth and longevity of each account. In scoring each account, I try to adjust for complexity of customer relationship.
  • Customer surveys.  Collected bi-weekly during pilot phase, and quarterly after customer has been on-boarded.
  • Impromptu customer call sit-ins.  Much can be learned about the account manager and health of the customer relationship by hearing how the account manager and customer interact. The sit-in is not meant to intimidate at all; rather it is an opportunity for the manager to observe and provide any helpful feedback. As with all call sit-ins, the manager should never interrupt the call nor speak over the account manager. The manager is there to strictly listen. Any feedback should be provided after the end of the call.
  • Qualitative assessment.  Does the account manager…
    • learn fast?
    • understand our product and operations in sufficient detail?
    • proactively inform manager and rest of team with possible account issues?
    • follow through on agreed-upon next steps?
    • hit invoicing and reporting deadlines?
  • Peer reviews. How easy, rewarding, and fun do peers find it to work with the account manager?