Layer Cake

Ever know you are going to like a movie within the first 30 seconds of it starting and/or when the first track from the soundtrack plays, well that’s what happened when I watched Layer Cake (free on Amazon Prime Video).

Admittedly, the heavy english accent made me pay attention that much more, but it is an engaging, well-made film nonetheless. If you like suspense, mind twists, and real endings, then you should watch this movie. Still not convinced. watch the first 15-30 seconds, and if you like the first impression, continue watching. Actually, if you don’t like the first 15-30 seconds, watch the rest anyways!


Some themes of the movie:

  • everyone depends on someone
  • we are only as good as the company we keep

Really good cheese

Sometimes I find food so good that I feel obligated to write about it. This is the first such post. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the foods I recommend.

Below are three of my favorite cheeses, and I bought all these at my local San Francisco Whole Foods.

1. Cabot’s Vintage Choice Cheddar Cheese (aged a minimum of 24 months)

Savory, simple, and just delicious. Full bodied, and stands up to similarly strong wines.


Look for the purple wax when looking for the Cabot Vintage Choice

2. Pyrenees Herve Mons Affinage sheep’s milk cheese 

Complexity of flavors come in waves. Enjoy sober because variety flavor profiles are subtle.



Add to your pizza, apples, or just enjoy at the table. An absolutely incredible, nutty, and flavorful cheese.