Deliberately Developmental Organizations are the future

I recently came across a Harvard Business Review article that defines a small group of organizations that are prioritizing the individual employee in a new way.  This HBR article and its author calls these organizations, which make business personal by prioritizing  individual employee development, Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO). The DDO organization is fundamentally about building a culture that reinforces the importance of all employees being who they are always–both inside and outside the traditional walls of the organization.

At present, these organizations are seen as somewhat of an experiment by many managers but I see them becoming a best practice in the future because they will be shown to lead to highly productive organizations.


Great stories are…

I recently attended a presentation by Jeff Gomez, who is the creative mind behind many well-known Transmedia fiction stories, and he gave some interesting insights into what great stories are. I have translated them a bit to be more relevant to the business focus of this blog:

  1. Storyline has to be something worthy of devotion. A good story simply has to be compelling and grappling enough that it moves us emotionally. Ideally, so much so that we share it with others.
  2. Story has to create a world with a past, present, and future.  This is more mechanical, but great stories set the context that helps us understand why the vision is relevant.
  3. Creative visionary & but align to the brand.  It is great think outside the box, but make sure everything aligns to the brand strategy.