Postcard on the Run = clever utilization of mobile technologies

Postcard on the Run is a genius utilization of mobile technologies to create a simple enough product.  It is a smartphone app that enables one to send real postcards in the mail to anyone, anywhere in the world right from your phone.  You can include a personal message and a GPS map on your postcard!  You can even sign your postcard on your phone with your finger. It’s all FREE.

“Baileys Cream with Spirit” advert

Bailey’s television commercial, as opposed to all the other alcohol commercials that are indistinguishably about young partying, is memorable and distinguishing.  I think the shorter, 15-second version is equally, if not more, effective.  The commercial captures the attention with beautiful visuals that inspire the lush, creamy, warmth and while the song inspires a “party mystique”, all of which reflect the brand image.

Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign and “Jogger” commercial

Nike’s Find Your Greatness. — Jogger commercial  is a great ad.  It is one ad in a series for the “Find Your Greatness” campaign, which tells us that greatness is about the spirit within and pushing ourselves to our own individual limits.  Greatness in athletic pursuits is not about being faster or better than someone else; it is about being better than you were yesterday.   Endurance athletes generally know this well.  When we practice and compete, we are battling ourselves, our own will, and our own endurance more than we are that of someone else.  We must conquer what is happening in our own bodies and minds if we wish to compete against someone else.

Nike is a great brand, and there is nothing wrong with their supporting the Olympic gold medalists; but with this ad campaign, Nike wonderfully reminds us that sport and exercise is for everyone; and that we all compete against ourselves; and that we are our most important competitor.