House of Sand and Fog

“House of Sand and Fog” is an amazing film.  Your heart pounds during scenes.  You feel like you should be running it is pounding so hard; and yet I cannot move, staring at the motion picture.   The movie’s actor was nominated for an Oscar.  Watch it, and you will know which “he” I am referring to.   I got lost in his performance, and the story he and–to a lesser extent–his supporting actors made me believe could absolutely be true.   Just an unbelievable, gut wrenching story.   Are we so stupid still to be so shallow, to be racist, to let our fear get the best of us?  Are we so stupid to act cowardly?  Can we not stand tall at the face of adversity?   How strong is man’s love for his son, his daughter, his wife?   These are just some of the questions the movie makes me ponder.