Romantique Hotels

Ever since I visited the Casa Santa Domingo, a 16th century convent that was converted into world-class hotel (see my blog post from my visit), I am interested in staying in historical hotels with wood-burning fireplaces.

Staying in historically significant buildings just adds so many layers to the hotel-staying experience.  Staying in building that is hundreds of years  old makes for a romantic experience, which I describe as a connection to timeless aspect of human life.

I’m not surprised therefore to have discovered Romantique Hotels, which is a network of privately owned, historic hotels in Europe.   I think this selection of hotels make for efficient directory of places to consider for your wedding, anniversary, or just your next vacation.   Order a catalog of all the hotels in the Romantique network here, or browse the different specialties (e.g. wine, gourmet cuisine, etc.) and activities (e.g. golf, culture, etc.) offered by the different hotels.