Does it make sense for OEMs to be investing in AVs and urban mobility products?

TLDR: AVs and robot taxi services are not a near-term (3-7 year) threat to existing OEM business lines, but they are a longer-term (7+ year) threat to OEMs; and this is why they are investing so heavily in AV technology. Investments being made by large car manufacturer (OEMs) in self-driving Read more [...]

Paradoux of Choice

In our quest to maximize freedom, we maximize choice, but is this maximization of choice leading to maximization of happiness? In his TedTalk, Psychologist Barry Swartz helps me understand why I hate large restaurant menus.  He articulates nicely, ideas that strongly suggest maximizing choice does Read more [...]

Why computer technology patents are useless; and the “Patent-Troll” story.

This American Life reports on a the "patent troll" phenomenon and uncovers why patents--especially in computer technologies--are not enabling innovation; rather the phenomenon is taking value out of the economic system. This "patent troll" phenomenon and corrupt utilization of the patent system is Read more [...]