Give a Coke campaign: A powerful example of digital marketing

Google and Coca-Cola teamed up to deliver this awesome global campaign, which was a re-invigoration of classic hilltop commercial.   Of course, the messaging was incredibly well aligned to the brand, but I also liked how the power of our modern digital technologies were highlighted.  Watch the video Read more [...]

IKEA store’s pretty clever grassroots Facebook campaign

The grassroots Facebook campaign an IKEA store used to drive awareness of its new store opening, was a clever utilization of what social media offers: rapid information dissemination.  Essentially they used the tag feature in Facebook pictures to get people to tag themselves on items sold by IKEA. Read more [...]

Denny uses QR codes on menus to keep customers entertained

I think this simple campaign by Denny's is a clever way to keep customers entertained while waiting to eat and to make customers feel like they are getting something special for free.  QR Codes provide this sense of specialness since we cannot see the URL and source of the information directly. For Read more [...]

Takeaways in business and innovation from an internet icon

Marc Andreessen was recently recognized as a Wired Icon and pioneer of the internet.   Given his 20+ year history within the industry as an entrepreneur and now venture capitalist, his perspective has proven to be an insightful one; and so I read the transcript from his interview Chris Anderson. At Read more [...]

Its not one big thing, but rather a lot of little things

Today, early Facebook employee and now Quora founder, Charlie Cheer, came to Tepper to talk to us about his entrepreneurial experiences in the web 2.0 space.  He said a lot of interesting things, but one thing in particular I thought was quite smart and different.   When asked how Quora competes with Read more [...]

One day, we will look forward to commercial breaks!

One day, an individual consumer watching TV any day of the week will be like watching the Super Bowl, when we look forward to the commercials; but it will actually be better. Right now, many people hate ads; but ads actually serve a very useful function of informing us about things we should know about. The problem with the current advertising system today is that ads annoy us more often then they inform us. In the future, ads will do a better job of informing us, and will hence be less annoying. Read more [...]