Mid American Novelties

The Mid American Novelties website is a new favorite.  I’m sure what I like more about it.  …is it that the sight is a social commentary on the American culture, putting ridiculous American consumerism in perspective with the far poorer developing world?  …is it that you can buy hilarious stuff like the bacon wallet through it?  …or is it that the site is an incredible business innovation?

NBC, the producer of “Outsourced”, the new television show about a call center for “Mid American Novelties”.   What’s amazing about this is that Mid American Novelties was invented the for the show, and then NBC realized that they might be able to actually sell the hilarious products the show’s writers feature in the script, allowing for a profitable e-commerce business that also–as an added benefit–promotes the brand of the “Outsourced” television show.   I think this is genius business/marketing strategy.

If only General Electric would now sell or spin off the NBC division as its own stock, I’d buy a bunch of it.  The company was one of the first networks to make full episodes of its programming viewable online for free.  The company simply is a thought leader.  NBC managers seem to know where the industry is headed, and are intelligently not trying to stand in the way; but rather going with the flow of consumers.  NBC seems to understand the people who consume their products, and create much value for them.  In return, I think/hope NBC makes a lot of money off us on the advertising and, now, rubber chickens, “beer makes my clothes come off” t-shirt, the free rider fork, etc.  I only hope NBC continues to be smart and expands the online product offering to include all the hilarious and novel items featured on the television show (e.g. full-body taco costumes).

changing the world is heavy stuff

I know this sounds cheezy, but trust me on this one…

I just finished watching Episode 1 of the new TV series The Philanthropist, and well, I was inspired and moved by the story.   Why?  Well I recommend you watch the episode yourself, but I saw what a difference I could make in someone’s life as a rich philanthropist.

Earlier this week, I watched Soccer’s Lost Boys, the story about young African men being sold and deserted in foreign countries where they are forced to endure prostitution, poverty, etc., and I was just at a loss for words.  I just wanted to be able to do something but didn’t know what to think.

It has long been my plan to accumulate wealth so that I can make the world a better place, but the last scene in the episode where the main character, which is based on the real person Bobby Sager, gives the little toy to the young boy who he had been searching for completely made clear how the overabundance of things that most people in the U.S. (including myself) through away would be treasured by people in places like rural Africa.  The look on the boy’s face when he sees the simple toy in action just did me in.  Now I want to work with Mr. Sager, his family, and his foundation as a volunteer.   Hopefully, I can also one day also achieve the level of financial independence I need to properly take care of the mother and grandmother that raised me to be such a caring, loving person and who also are living just above the poverty line here in the U.S.  I owe very much to these strong women.  Without their will and strength, I don’t think I’d be half the person or leader I aspire to be.

Watch the Episode 1, and I hope it prompts you to act, as it has done to me.

I’m going to email Mr. Sager right now, asking how I can help, and then read more on Team Sager website.