Layer Cake

Ever know you are going to like a movie within the first 30 seconds of it starting and/or when the first track from the soundtrack plays, well that's what happened when I watched Layer Cake (free on Amazon Prime Video). Admittedly, the heavy english accent made me pay attention that much more, but Read more [...]


The movie, Senna, brought tears to my eyes, and--as do most stories of tragedy--inspire me to give it my all. It was also incredibly well told story about much more than F1 racing, although the heart-pumping cockpit footage will make your heart race. Watch it and gain appreciation for those who Read more [...]

Stephen Fry in America [short-movie series]

Amazing what a new perspective on a culture can tell us about ourselves.   I think this Englishman gives us that and--at times--an appreciation for the geography we have in United States.   Perhaps the most telling takeaway I found from, say,  Episode 2, is the relatively great abundance of resources Read more [...]

Objectified [movie]

For all my friends who aren't too familiar with industrial design and the role it will play in our future, I recommend watching this movie called Objectified.   It is available on Netflix. Some of my favorite highlights from the film are: Japanese toothpick design that features a breakable tip Read more [...]