Three cool lessons we can learn from jazz and apply to business

I just watched a talk given by Google Ventures partner Ken Norton about what we can learn from jazz music and how it is created. Below are the three ideas. 1  Get uncomfortable but not too uncomfortable "Miles Davis nudged his musicians into a place where they were uncomfortable, the zone of optimal Read more [...]

My Management Style

COMMUNICATION … both upward and downward Excite and motivate. Make sure the team understands how their job is important and part of the larger mission. Clear objectives and values. It is important that the team know what our primary goals are and see how we will achieve them. Where we may make compromises Read more [...]

McKinsey Quarterly interview with Pixar award-winning Director, Brad Bird

In the McKinsey Quarterly interview of Brad Bird, the award-winning Pixar film Director shared very interesting insights relevant to anyone leading highly-creative innovation work.   Below are some quotes from the interview and takeaways that are worth sharing. Before I got the chance to make films Read more [...]